191217 The Meaning of Death

It is that time of year where so many will be feeling more acutely the "loss" of their loved ones .. I don't like that word, I have not lost Kyle, I know exactly where he is, and all my other precious peeps who are in the Higher Dimensions.

Day before yesterday I was working on the gift I have decided to give my darling Grandson for his birthday. It requires me to look through many fantastic photos of our family, beautiful times we have shared, sacred memories. I have cried 2 oceans since Kyle transitioned and some days I handle my grief really well, I even think I have got it under my belt as well managed. Then a day like this hits me! I sobbed my eyes and heart out, in fact I thought I might sob up a lung! Caught me completely by surprise, but then I remembered the words of a precious Soul SiStar just a week ago “Cry! Let the stuff out that triggers you”. So I let go.

The following day I got a message from one of the woman who loves my son with all her heart. She had been sobbing all morning and just felt him so deeply. Myself and other friends have been sharing memories of Kyle over the last while and it is so clear to me that we are “feeling” him and that we feel our grief.

Someone I know has received news of her son who was diagnosed with cancer not too many years ago. He has been receiving allopathic treatment for that, but the doctors have now said they can do no more and his family should prepare for his death. I have been supporting her as much as I can and in looking for a resource for them all, I came across this really beautiful man and his mission. Stephen Jenkinson is a teacher, author, storyteller, spiritual activist, farmer and founder of the Orphan Wisdom School, a teaching house and learning house for the skills of deep living. He headed up the Palliative Care unit of a Canadian hospital for 5 years, and supported thousands of dying people in that role. He has a movie “Griefwalker” ~ we need more of those. Here is a touching video that may help you if you are feeling overwhelmed with grief ~ The Meaning of Death.

I love his ethos – that we as humans are created in the Crucible of Death and that any sane society deals with Death in a more meaningful way, rather than the avoidance that seems to be most prevalent in Western societies that have shut themselves off from Spirit.

I would ask you at this time where being together with family, celebrating the festive season in whatever way you do is so special, to reconsider Death and Life and everything in between. To shift what Death means to you and to embrace it rather than hide it away, like an embarassing member of the family. That certainly does not mean be morose, but CELEBRATE all aspects of Being a Human.

I found this on the Gramho account of @oneironaughtica and it speaks volumes to me.

"Give death a chance to be part of your humanity" Grief is a skill. Grief is not an emotion but a set of emotions that will bruise your existence if not given proper expression. The surgically placed questions that slice into the depth where the answers lie inside of you is needed. & repeat it. Death is nothing but the death of the relationship of what was but no longer is. The clay cast shadows unseen when constantly facing the light. Grief is nearest to what is most beautiful in the living expression of heart. To be absent, in a moment when a slobbering quiver chants an exclamation of love lost. Doused, strewn, dishevelled, collapsed then emptied... what remains hereafter, is what's most golden. The alchemist of ancient history has fallen jealous to the prized elixir vitae found by he whose surrender brought him nearest to his maker. The epoch of beauty buried in sorrow... Morrow is the mourning of night. See, learning the language of the transition, gives more meaning in imagery and maybe moreso~feeling. Get good at (knowing) death.”

May you all have a most blessed festive season, may your hearts be ever~expanding and your Souls be ignited with a new Flame that brings you closer to the Truth of who you TRULY BE.

Much Love & Gratitude! Keep Shining!

(image credits given when found!)

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