200113 Fire

I had a completely different plan today! Very 3D, catching up on all the “stuff” that I need to do before I leave for Europe. But Spirit has better plans!! The lethargy and discombobulation has waned!

This Code came in with the name vibration Grid 88. I have no idea what that means but I am sure that after working with this and sharing with my fabulous Co~Creator team we will be given more information. It felt quite strange while I was rendering the Code as it is very different to my “normal” work. Now after receiving the urging to map the volcanoes, I see it as the Pacific Ring of Fire!!!

There have been 3 volcanic eruptions in 3 days, around this time of the Event at Uluru Kata Tjuta. I am of the Fire/Gold/Power lineage so the photos really grabbed me. I love fire, I love lightning and there is plenty of this in the photos! As I started working with this, I felt the call to map out the points on a map of the Pacific Ring of Fire! There was also the earthquake in Puerto Rica on 7 January, which surely forms part of the seismic activity And then the dots were connected to the Code I brought in last night after I had completed my rituals around the Planetary Conjunction and the restoring of the Cosmic Umbilical Cord. As always I am amazed!

I like to take an image from Google Earth to see the Bigger Picture ~ sometimes amazing features are revealed!

I so love the work I am doing!

Much Love & Gratitude

Keep Shining!



(btw I have been signing off my personal messages with “Keep Shining” since 1996, never really understanding the true concept back then!!)

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