20200102 Double Vajras, Mantids, White Lions, Thunderbolts and Dot Connecting, Again!

Our connectivity as Souls is a constant source of amazement to me. On New Year's Day in the Royal Lyran Project, one of our Lyrans posted about her experience with high pitched ringing in her ears as well as a first time connection to the Mantids. At the same time another shared a post about the happenings at Uluru, most Sacred Mountain of the Aboriginal people of Australia. I shared how for me this “tinnitus” was a barometer, a sign if you will, of either something I need to pay attention to, or an incoming download/activation from Source. This is a phenomenon that many of us share. Yesterday was also the day that this Warrior Womb gave birth to an incredible BEing 38 years ago, my son Kyle. It has been my intention for a few months to physically visit the White Lions about an hour from my home. Each time I wanted to go, the time did not feel right and then a few days ago Kyle was urging me and it felt so appropriate. His Soul Aspect is that of a Golden Winged Lion and he is on a very specific mission connected to this project and the Sacred Work I perform together with other amazing Souls. I spent 4 hours on the land with these magnificent creatures, although restricted to staying in my vehicle, windows closed, in a blazing 35 Degrees African midday, the connection was irrefutable. I gently drummed and chanted in Light Language when I was close to them. One of the regal males stood at the fence while I sang and he and I made eye contact. Thrilling does not fully describe the experience. I knew I was receiving Codes and activations and I am so grateful for the opportunity to be the bearer of these gifts, which will soon unfold in the physical I am sure.

Kyle also visited the White Lions of this area in 2013, almost 7 years ago to the day!

The Male White Lion and I connecting, eye to eye

Last night when I got home, I decided I would go out into my garden (I have a wonderful Feminine Portal where I do much of my Sacred Work.) I walked in a circle, playing Karibuu and chanting. Lighting was flashing all around and I felt the presence and support of many Beings as I anchored what I had received. I have always felt a very deep connection to this mighty force, feared by so many, and rightly so ~ it is to be revered, as so many cultures do. My very first memory of being so close to Thunderbolts, was as an 8 year old, sitting safe, snug and protected in the loving arms of my Father. We were sat on the porch, witnessing an intense electric storm. There were no words, only the deep forging of a sense of power and protection. (Thanks Dad!!) In my teens I had a vivid vision of myself, standing on the edge of a cliff, hair swirling in all directions, arms raised and outstretched, holding a sword in my hand, facing the storm. As I look out to the ocean in front of me, lightning is striking all around, the storm is intensifying, the sky is black and ominous, but I feel incredible peace and purpose, almost as if the electrifying energy of the storm is creating something significant within me. Since that time, I have always fearlessly loved a storm, feeling something profound welling up within as I connect to these Elements and I will still paint this image. Lightning Dreaming??!!

So back to the connection of all of this! I read more about Uluru and the intense storm that struck there on Christmas Day 2016. So very different to what is currently unfolding in Australia, the land being consumed by Fire. Perhaps the Lightning then ignited what is happening now? I have really been pondering what the spiritual significance is is of the burning? As an empath it is so hard to not feel the overwhelm of this situation and I just try to understand the Higher Perspective. In cultures across the globe and from time immemorial, Lightning formed part of myths and legends. In the words of cosmicconsciousness.au “The bolt of lightning has traditionally been a symbol of sudden illumination and the destruction of ignorance.” NOW WAIT FOR IT!!! “In Aboriginal mythology, the lightning man, who looks like a praying mantis is known as Namarrkon (pronounced Namarrgon). He uses the sun's power as energy, forming bright arcs of light across each of his shoulders.”!!! There is also a connection to the Rainbow Serpent (and I have been watching videos about the Galactic Serpent, which has been awakened as the “spine” of the mountains stretching from the tip of South America all the way through to Alaska ~ but that is a story for another time!)

I don't know how many times in the last few years I say this “You CANNOT make this up!!!” I love it! It thrills me!!! Another dot that connects this all, about 10 weeks before Kyle transitioned, a beautiful, powerful benevolent Mantid appeared to him, a first for Kyle. This Being showed Kyle his own original home. He recounted to me of how incredibly beautiful this place was, Crystalline, peaceful, beyond words. It was a profound encounter.

Now to the Double Vajra connection! Lightning is seen as the weapon of a sky god and weather god. In the Vedic religion and later Hindu mythology, the god Indra is the god of lightning. His main weapon is the thunderbolt or Vajra. The meaning of the word is “Diamond” and in Sanskrit “Thunderbolt” For me a mind-blowing link. It all comes together now!! In 2017 I started receiving Cosmic Codes that were bringing in the Diamond Heart. A state of being that we all are moving towards, an anchoring of the highest possible vibration in our Sphere, that brings us closer to the Purity of God Source. I have not much followed or connected to Buddhism in this lifetime, but in sessions with Araya I have been shown that I have had many lifetimes as a monk in the lands now known as China & Tibet. I also have had a very vivid spontaneous recall of life as a powerful, wizened male shaman on the Steppes of Mongolia. The Double Vajra has also been shown to me as significant in my life/work. “The Vajra is a symbolic ritual tool that is used in Buddhism, Hinduism, and Jainism to represent the unyielding power of spirit. Its Tibetan equivalent is Dorje. Dorje symbolizes the striking and irresistible force that leads to an abrupt transformation in human consciousness resulting in the attainment of enlightenment. Thus, the Vajra is essentially representative of the powerful, indestructible, indomitable, impenetrable, immutable, enduring and eternal state of enlightenment.” (www.ancient-symbols.com/symbols-directory/vajra.html). I know I have worked lifetimes with this tool to guide us to this state.

Spirit has a message for us (full body goosies as I type this!) We are called to be more sensitive, to tune our antenna to “hear, feel and receive” the co-ordinates for the next phase of our Cosmic Journey! What does it all mean?? I don't always know every detail, but I know when I am on track and need to be paying attention. Thank you Julia and Deb for bringing these 2 threads together! And thank you to all Beings who have Co-Created this experience. This is our work and how we weave this magnificent Web of Life!

Much Gratitude & Love

Keep Shining



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