Cosmic Codes for Earth Healing

Updated: Jul 22, 2019

I'd love to share my journey with the Codes that have brought me to this place where I truly feel my Soul's Purpose, the Sacred Work that gives me the greatest joy.

My initiation into Code Scribing happened on 170719 ~ that's year, month, day as instructed by Spirit with an extra 4 digits at the end for the time the Code was completed, the "date stamp". There is a specific vibration even in that! As I trusted the process and my Codes developed, they evolved into very definite Sacred Geometries with meaningful impact.

In January 2018 I was given a Code using the concept of overlays. Then in May this Code came to me over a few days. Some times I am given an interpretation for script that I receive, at other times just a few key words or a name, often none of these! This Earth overlay came in with the frequency of "Cosmic Vectors for Gaia". There was an incredibly clear and precise energy coming through as I rendered the Code and I felt quite emotional on completion. I learnt something that day! I know what a vector is in traditional physics, but decided to research the term from a metaphysical viewpoint .. quite an eye opener for me. I am grateful to Spirit for the expansion of my understanding! Here is the article which I am sure you will also enjoy This was the first of many Codes for Earth Healing.

Not long after this I had a deeply profound spiritual experience, triggered by visions I saw whilst listening to music, and hearing people I know calling me. You can read all about this on my post about the Royal Lyran Project. This Call was the seed to launch this project, so very dear to my heart. It confirmed to me my origin, who I BE and where I come from. It is through this that I have connected with other Gate & Grid Keepers as we create, heal, restore and recalibrate the lattice which forms an energetic Grid across the Earth. I have also since through Spirit been shown that this Grid connects to Cosmic Grids and that the work we are doing is of a crucial, Inter-Planetary nature.

Royal Lyrans

It was all very new to me when I started but now I have a greater understanding of my role which brings more focus. I AM Transducer. Imagine if you will a huge megalithic Cosmic Structure. We all know everything has vibration and energy. It is this application of energy that is the Creationary Force. For this energy to be brought into our 3D/4D world, I receive it in my mind's eye, mostly in DreamTime and render it on waking. This is done on an A4 sheet. I enter a state which is similar to Theta, as I am guided by Spirit, and only really see what I have brought in once completed. Sometimes it is "only" a geometric Code, at times with glyphs or Light Language symbols, sometimes Crystals present themselves to add their energy to the healing or other intention. I am then called to transduce the vibration of this Code and bring it back into its Cosmic form to apply to the area/person/situation. I "DANCE THE CODES TO LIFE".

This Sacred Service brings me great joy and I KNOW we are making a difference for the greater good of all. In the Royal Lyran Project we are 17 co-creators and I am connected to another beautiful group of 12 who also do Earth Grid Activations. We are just a few of many across the globe who are performing this amazing work. I am honoured to be part of the Mission.

My full gallery of Codes are on Instagram and here is more about my other Sacred Offerings.

Much Love & Keep Shining!


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