Divine Feminine Rising

I have been an “activist” for most of my adult life. I place that word in inverted commas as there is a stigma attached to it which does not apply to my philosophy. I have expressed this desire to bring about change in the socio-political structures in many ways, none of them ever through the application of violence. I believe in raising a peaceful voice and mostly in the past 20 years I describe myself as a spiritual activist. This could also be referred to as a “paper terrorist”!!

It made me so happy to see a nation come together on Friday 13 September, to bring awareness of the chronic state of femicide in South Africa. My greatest joy was seeing my beautiful, courageous, powerful daughter and other members of our family physically taking part in the march to Johannesburg's business heart, in Sandton, where the financial power bases are located. In the few weeks leading up to this there was an increase of rapes, murders and other violent crimes on women and children. Horror upon horror. We have had enough.

Friday 13th has always been a propitious day for me. Many good and memorable things have happened to me on what has been hijacked as a “bad” day in superstitious lore. This often happens when DFE (Dark Force Energies) distort the True Nature of the Divine. I have since learnt that this day is in fact dedicated to the Goddess archetype, the Divine Feminine, so it was most auspicious that this movement chose this day to make their voice heard.

The sacred work that I do has revealed that high on the agenda of the Light is the merging into Perfect Harmony and Balance, not only the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine of each person, but also our Human Template with our original Divine Blueprint. As we are the microcosm of the greater macrocosm, it was most encouraging for me to see this action rising up against the destruction of the feminine in our country and the world. More and more souls are awakening to the injustices and the knowing that they have the power within to bring about change. This thrills me! The following is a Cosmic Code which I received on 09/09/19, coming in with the vibration of "Merging the Divine & Human Template". It is one of the Codes used in our Sacred Work to restore Balance and Unity.

Together with other members of my Soul Tribe, we have for the past 7 or 8 weeks been doing intensive and focussed activations and transmissions to bring in this harmony & balance as well as the transmutation of the well-entrenched, inverted matrices that are part of the dissolving patriarchal era. These matrices and false constructs have held mankind in slavery for generations. The time has come to render ineffectual the outflow of these old systems of control which bring fear, subjugation and disempowerment, not ONLY to women but to all lifestreams. It was deeply rewarding to see in the physical the results of so much behind the scene action, performed by 1000s of Lightworkers across the globe. Know it or not, we are of One Mind, of Unity Consciousness and even when you may feel “what can I possibly do to make a difference”, know that in whatever way you add your pure heart intention for a Golden Age to be anchored in your own field and in the heart of Gaia, so it shall be. We are powerful as individuals and that power expands exponentially when there is a collective endeavour.

Thank you to the brave and courageous souls, men, women and youth who came out to march on Friday, especially my loved ones. Thank you to the many who tirelessly work in the stillness of their Sacred Altar, unseen, unheard, often unknown – your commitment brings about the change. I see you and I honour you all!

May we ALL more consciously anchor the Perfection of Divine Oneness and Unity.

If you would like to read more on the activism march or follow my daughter in her quest for awareness as well as great nutritional info, yoga, pilates, recipes and all round great life shares please take a look at www.instagram.com/raine.dunn/

Hashtags to follow (with discretion) are #enoughisenough #redlipsformysisters #womendontoweyoushit #checkyourmasculinity #IamNene #AmINext

For your personalised Cosmic Code please mail me .. your doorway to Self-Mastery!


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