Roaring Through the Lions Gate

I have a deep connection to Felines. They have been prevalent in my life since I was young, but the esoteric meaning of this only became apparent to me in the last 10 years. The full story of my Royal Lyran connection can be read here and there is a more expansive storybook should you wish to align with this project, simply email me!

Some years ago I was downloaded with information regarding the importance of the Lion's Gate Portal in our individual and collective Ascension, or as I prefer to name it Inscension, the Journey to Self. In my further research and connecting with others who are bringing in the frequencies of the Higher Dimensions of Lyra, Andromeda, Sirius and others, I see the most wonderful tapestry unfolding, where the threads of so many years are being drawn together. It is deeply encouraging to me. I don't always understand every aspect, but I DO trust the process and my role in it.

So what is the Lion's Gate? It is a Portal or Stargate to Higher Realms that is activated through the alignment of our Sun moving into Leo and then connecting with Sirius (known as our Spiritual Sun), Orion's Belt, Earth and the Great Pyramids of Giza. This presents an accelerated window of opportunity for cellular awakening and activation. The Lion's Gate is opened from 26 July and continues to 12 August with its hiatus on 8:8. July 24th can be considered the end of the last Cycle, with 25th July being the Day Out of Time (linked to Galactic and Mayan calendars) and 26th July the beginning of the new Sacred Year. The energies of this period guide and inspire us to step in to the further expansion of our Souls and to be in harmony with the Divine Cosmic Order. Leo represents courage, expression, fearlessness and strength. It requires these attributes to make the free will choice for deeper transformation and change, to become the very best version of YOU!

Embedded in the DNA of the Planet and all lifestreams upon her, are dormant Codes, just waiting to be ignited and activated. Light energy from these Cosmic emanations blaze into our very BEing, at a subatomic level, unlocking our fullest potential. Numerical values are very important to those who understand Cosmic Law. All life is vibration and holds a Sacred Geometric pattern. Nothing is random, all is with purpose. Within each of us incarnated at this time are these Codes and knowingly or unknowingly, consciously or unconsciously, they are at work to facilitate the New Earth. Align yourself with that which resonates in your Heart as Truth and allow the transformation to unfold.

What has been shown to me of the added significance of this time, has been expressed by many over the last few months. The Earth Healing and Activation of Portals and Vortices that so many have been working on, point to the crucial activity of bringing balance and harmony to the Divine Feminine (DF) and Divine Masculine (DM). DF & DM do not refer to the male and female of the human species but rather as the Divine attributes of Source that reside within both and are calling out for balance. We have come to the end of a 2000 year period of patriarchal dominance that saw so much of the beauty and gifts of the Feminine suppressed, in both men and women, and even destroyed as many were tortured and killed for expressing these gifts. The time of healing those traumas is here. This is also the time to merge this Perfect Union of Balance with the Christ Consciousness. Yeshua the Christ was known as the Lion of Judah. This is no "coincidence". The rebirth that so many talk of is the awareness, acceptance and integration of the Consciousness of Christ. Interestingly, the Old City of Jerusalem is surrounded by a wall with 8 gates (remember numerological significance!). It was through the Eastern gate that the Christ made His entry for the crucifixion and also within this wall is the Lion's Gate.

The Lion's Gate of Jerusalem

There is also a very definite connection to the ancient civilisations of Lemuria (representing the DF) and Atlantis (DM). Both these epochs had their Golden Ages, hundreds of years where there was absolute Peace, Harmony and Perfection. For both there came a downfall of this which led to the ultimate destruction of these civilisations. Many people incarnated at this Now time carry the wounds and trauma of what occurred in the events leading up to the physical destruction and sinking of the land masses, causing a great sense of loss. Memories of tsunamis, floods, fires, total destruction, held in their cellular memory, crying out for shifting and restoration.

I know that this is a time that we can all co-create this shift and healing. By "tuning in" to these energies that will offer us a fast track to a new way of BEing, you can fulfil your Soul's Purpose for being here at this time. As the potent energies of Sirius, considered the gateway to Heaven are beamed down to Earth, this high-frequency energy is mostly received through the Heart and Third Eye Chakra. Allow yourself to receive Heart healings, Heart openings, and expansion of your visual gifts. It is a great time to clear old blockages and traumas. You are supported by an entire "Power Team" who joyously await your commitment!

Last night in DreamTime (as it mostly happens!) I received a Code to support this blog entry and the Call to work with the energies of the 8:8 Lion's Gate of 2019. It is my gift you at this time.

190730 0835 8:8 Lion's Stargate

  On 7:7 of 2018 I was downloaded with a series of 13 Codes that relate to the time of Atlantis. Simple, but powerful, these Codes and affirmations are for the healing of Atlantean wounds and distortions. In April 2019 I received 9 Keys for the Lemurian Re~Emergence. If you feel the Call, these 2 series assist with the healing, shifting, balancing and harmonising of the memories of these 2 ancient civilisations. They are available as activations, individually or as a set on special offer for a short time, to assist with this Lion's Gate opportunity. Please see my Store page for details.


Go into your High Heart Space

Still your mind

Gently connect with the energy of the Code and with the wisdom within your Heart

You may be able to "Dance the Code to Life" by focussing on a point and seeing it evolve into a moving 3D form. Do not worry if this does not work for you ~ you should allow the activation to flow

Take as much time to integrate the Code as required before moving on to the next

I keep the Codes on my mobile, laptop and fridge to see them daily and hold in my Space and awareness.

There are many resources available for this topic. I personally am not a follower of any one teacher. I have over 30+ years been taught to hone my own Inner Compass and trust my Subconscious, which IS the Mind of Prime Creator/God. Having said that there are always articles that come my way, I discern their value to me and others and I share accordingly. I can recommend this article of Celia Fenn. Let's boldly go through this portal, not just for our own expansion but for that of all humanity!

Much Love & Keep Shining!



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