The Amazon Bleeds

190822 0903 The Amazon Bleeds

I only heard last night that the Amazon has been burning for 3 weeks and the largest part of Brazil is on fire. The smoke can be seen from outer space. How can this happen?? When Notre Dame burnt there was a massive response and billions poured in within 24 hours. Here there is almost nothing in mainstream media.

It is difficult for me to see the Great Perfection in many circumstances on Earth at the moment, but I know this is my personal call to surrender more fully, trust more deeply, connect more from my Heart and do what Spirit calls me to do without question or reservation.

I decreed for the Amazon and all Earth this morning - OUR lungs are on fire. What does this mean energetically?? I will be pondering this today. I asked for a Divine Name to be given and received Shemesh u Magen YHWH Elohim, God is a Sun and a Shield. In the Keys of Enoch (© J.J. Hurtak), we are reminded from Psalm 84 that the Glory and Protection of the Divine is with us. In the Keys there is a beautiful Meditation, Reflection and Visualisation of the Power of this Name and it is so applicable to this situation.

As I rendered the Code, the ink started bleeding into the paper. Being somewhat of a perfectionist I was unhappy with that. Then I heard Spirit say "The Land Bleeds". I was guided to use the Cosmic Energies associated with Gold, Silver & Copper - for me a representation of how we are moving into Higher Realms.

With the Power of this beautiful Divine Name, and the Power within the Cosmic Code given to me, I decree and trust for the MOST PERFECT outcome for the region and all Earth. May all negative, misqualified and discordant thought forms be consumed and transmuted. May we see beyond the physical destruction & the heart-breaking ecological consequences to the Higher Understanding of Unfolding of the Rebirth of Gaia.


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