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A CE5 initiative to invite PEACEFUL CONTACT with our Star Families for Co~Creation and anchoring of the Divine Plan for the Greatest Good of ALL Hue~Manity

Why are we doing this?  Our Star Brothers and Sisters have been engaged with Planet Earth for millenia.  They are here, with us and willing to enter into a deeper connection for those who approach with a pure Heart, Integrity, Authenticity, Fearlessly and with Unconditional Love as the Foundation. I  believe as we set a CLEAR INTENTION to exchange thoughts & energies we will receive guidance to bring a Return to the Garden of Eden. Furthermore there are these added beneficial outcomes

  • To facilitate your growth

  • To allow and receive healings

  • To uplift humanity

  • A diplomatic initiative

  • To fuel yourself/give yourself hope

  • To receive the gift of visual sightings

  • Confirmation that we are not alone

  • Documentation of evidence

  • A request for cosmic intervention

  • To show willingness and readiness for the next step of contact

  • To move faster towards free energy devices and freedom for humanity To help stabilize and give harmony to the earth

  • To put action towards making a better world for our children

  • To have fun!


Never Alone

I was amazed and rather disappointed to discover this week (5 October 2023) that there is not a single group of CE5 in Africa?!!?!  That there is this void can not be?  We are in a part of the world that has many strong and clear visitations, many of which have been brought to the world in the form of books (Elizabeth Klarer, from the 50s and 60s is for me the most well known), the  Ruwa, Zimbabwe Ariel School UFO sighting of 1994, Baba Credo Mutwa's encounter and abduction by ETs and many others, including my own CE3.  So true to my nature I decided to form one.  The synchronicities with my own Energy work and offerings cannot be overlooked.  In June we launched an initiative to Awaken the Soul of Africa.  This is still in its embryonic phase and yet so much is coming to Light and happening as the forward thrust is precipitated.  This beautiful opportunity to connect with Global TruthSeekers and share our endeavours to make contact with our Star Families has landed in Perfect Time!

I am inviting you to connect with us on the Saturday closest to the New Moon.  The initial group activity will be a simple meditation and focus applying Dr Greer's suggested protocol, subjectively, each in his own space yet at a synchronised time, that being from sunset in your region.  At a future date I would love to coordinate a physical gathering on this day where we can be out there in Nature, under the magnificent African skies and set an intention to have a CE5 experience.  I have created a WhatsApp group to share dates and then experiences and anything else that will build our Group Field.  If you are keen to become part of this initiative, please complete the submission form below.  This will be our safe haven to share, no matter how "weird & out of this world" your experience may be.  All that I ask is that you bring Goodwill, Joy, Love, Harmony, Openness & Noble Positive Vibrations.  You are more than welcome to contact me with any questions. I AM so looking forward to this Unfolding ~ in Love~Centered Service to the One ~ Thank you!

Support Group

For small creatures such as we the vastness is bearable only through love

Carl Sagan

Holding Hands Up High


Send us a message and you will be added to our group

Thanks for submitting!

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