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Visual Light Language for Transformation


trans·​duce | \ tran(t)s-ˈdüs

, tranz-, -ˈdyüs\

1 : to convert (something, such as energy or a message) into another form ~ essentially sense organs transduce physical energy into a nervous signal

2 : to cause (genetic material) to undergo transduction

I have been consciously scribing since August 2017, although my journey to that point spans lifetimes.  Read more here.

In December 2017 I was downloaded with a personal Code that carried the vibrational name of   "I AM Transducer".  At the time I did not quite understand what it meant to be a transducer, but I continued to meditate and integrate this Code into my BEing.  I have since then discovered that most of my Sacred Geometric Codes have their source in huge megalithic Cosmic structures.  I can best describe this transduction process as follows ~ I receive this energy as an image in my mind's eye,  I then compactify and render it in this dimension on paper.  Once this is done, I then meditate on the image and "Dance it to Life" in a form that can be received and integrated.  This can then be applied to individual ignition, healing, transformation and transmutation.  On a global scale these Codes are for the creation, restoration and preservation of the Earth's Grids, Portals, Ley Lines and Vortices.

I am thrilled, honoured and humbled to be in Inter-Planetary service to all HUmanity and Our precious Earth.

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190313 12 Pillars of the Diamond Heart f

“Sacred Geometry charts the unfolding of number in space. It differs from mundane geometry purely in the sense that the moves and concepts involved are regarded as having symbolic value, and thus, like good music, facilitate the evolution of the soul.”

Miranda Lundy ~ Sacred Geometry

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The Re-Emergence ~ Lemurian Reconnection

The Codes are calling for Keepers to anchor the Lemurian Wisdom & Energy

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Keys to Self Mastery

I render personalised Cosmic Codes which are great tools to assist you in your journey to Self. They are a Sacred Expression of Light Language created to unlock your gifts and fullest potential. It is not necessary for your logical mind to understand or interpret these Codes! Your Super Conscious Mind knows!

They can be used as daily meditation tools, deepening the connection to your Higher Self. They are perfect as a screen saver or wallpaper on your mobile, laptop or tablet. Keep them on your desk, your fridge, on your altar.  Use wherever you feel led by Spirit in order to achieve the maximum benefit.

From a photo you provide, I will spend time connecting with your Higher Self and the Quantum Field, in order to bring in the vibration of your unique Code.  I intuitively receive these Codes, often with an image that comes to me in my DreamTime and on waking I put pen to paper. All my Codes and glyphs are hand-drawn. They are emailed on purchase as a jpg or pdf file and if so desired the original can be shipped (costs to be confirmed on order).

Please view my full gallery on Instagram and other Sacred Offerings

Thank you for investing in your Soul's growth! I know you will reap great rewards!


A Key to unlock your potential. These are offered as a personalised single glyph or "phrase" which holds the vibration and energy that your Soul would recognise and integrate into your BEing.  The perfect option if you are feeling into what the Cosmic Codes can do for you.

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As we progress on this journey of our Soul, we encounter challenges along the way which are designed to help us shift that which needs healing and transformation.

We almost all carry genetic memories and imprints which affect our daily lives. When we can face these facets of ourselves and transmute the energies, we find healing not only in our own lives but I believe this ripples out to the Collective.

These Transmutational Codes, which are personalised specifically for you, are a Sacred Expression of Light Language and can assist you in playing a more conscious role in the shifts and healings you require.

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The Soul Expression Codes will hold within them the essence of who you are. This may be at this juncture of your life, or at a time past, even your original Soul construct. In whatever form it reaches you, the Code will offer a deeper connection to who you are and where you are heading in your journey, bringing important Keys which will unlock your full potential.

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These would typically be for yourself, a family member or friend as a gift, a pet, even an area to which you would like to send healing. I transpose the Code over an image you provide to me. The image should be in JPG format please and of good resolution, as I print them out and render the Code by hand.

Please give details as to whether this is a photo of yourself, or a loved one, and provide their name. Then let me know what your intention is with this Transpersonal Cosmic Code.

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Visual Light Language is only one of my Sacred Offerings.  Please take a look at my other services

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You are Infinite Potential!  Please be in touch for ways that I can assist you on your Journey to Self Mastery.

South Africa

+351 927 623177

Thanks for submitting!

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