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Deep inside our DNA and RNA is a Language that is as old as time, as vast as all the Universes and as pure as the first Seed of Creation. This Language is available to all of us, it is there within but often it requires a key to unlock so that we may receive the messages embedded therein.

This Light Language comes to us in different forms. In this lifetime, from when I was a little girl, I was always aware of energies outside of our physical realm. I have always had a great interest in things of the spirit, what one may call supernatural or paranormal. Over the last decade or two, I have come to see that these things are not so paranormal. In my reality they are quite normal! I find that by using this Language, we unlock the fullest potential that we have, to be who we are created to be and to fulfill our Soul's Mission in this embodiment. I have no doubt in my mind that we are not humans having a spirit experience but rather Spirit enjoying a "pin-prick in time" human embodiment in order to evolve, to grow, to learn, to heal and shift whatever is holding us back from becoming the very best version of ourselves.

As a young girl I used to doodle a lot and I really loved it - it seemed I was taken to fantastical places, and allowing my creativity and imagination to have free flow. I only realise now that what I was doodling then, was my expression of the Light Language in glyph, code or physical art form. In 1986 I received a glossolalia, which is another tongue or Divine Language. Over the years I have used this beautiful Language that my Spirit knows and recognises to communicate in so many ways with my Source, my Creator and to do the spiritual work that I have been called to do.

In August 2017 I had a very profound experience during a deep Shamanic Journey to find answers to my own questions about Life & Death. Suddenly I  connected with 13 Beings of Purest Divine Light, from beyond our reaIms. I was given images - first three and then two days later, another three. I had no idea what this was about, or what the images represented. I was told that I must meditate on these Codes and in time I would know what to do with them. Some two weeks later, through Divine direction and amazing synchronicity, I was led to an article by a respected spiritual teacher. The glyphs I had received were a perfect representation, in the correct sequence, of the flow of information. This stood out for me like a burning bush!  The way these Codes have worked in my own life and in the lives of others has been quite phenomenal. They are instrumental in birthing a wonderful project that is my passion, honouring my Lyran origin and bringing others aligned to that together into the Royal Lyran Project ~ but that is another story!!

The evolution of what I AM creating has been deeply satisfying to witness. I intuitively receive the Codes, most often as a "starter" image in my DreamTime, which I then begin to draw on waking, the greater picture unfolding fluidly.

I believe that what I am now creating is just an added dimension of the gift that was given to me as a child and later the Divine Language I received in 1986. It not necessary for us to understand in a linear 3D mind what these Codes mean. My understanding is that just by seeing them or hearing them or working with them in some way, touches your soul. You will receive exactly what YOU need for YOUR Soul's Mission. It may be something that brings to mind a memory of an experience or event that you need to heal. It may be a trigger for you to seek the next level in your own ascension, but whatever they are I know that they are vitally important at this time where our entire planet is undergoing vast changes, a metamorphosis, an ascension to higher dimensions, a dissolution of the old ways and the bringing in of the glorious new. We are all role players in this magnificent unfolding.

I'm very excited to be a part of this amazing journey!! This is my Sacred work. It is a blessing for me to share this gift with you and my heartfelt trust is that these gifts will assist you in every way, for your highest good and that of all Beings!

Here is an explanation of Light Language ~

By Michelle Walling, CHLC
Editor, WooWoo Media

Light Language is the expression of creation that is expressed through sound. If you were to break it down into something you could see, it would be composed of geometric shapes and patterns that vibrate at a certain frequency. The human voice is capable of speaking Light Language that speaks directly to the heart, making a connection directly to Source communication without the interference of modern day Language barriers.  Light Language can be sung, spoken, hummed, drummed, written, toned, danced, gestured with hand mudras, and painted (not to exclude any other creative ways). Those who have spoken in “tongues” that have connected with higher states of consciousness have demonstrated some examples of Light Language. Many times this sounds like ancient Native American Language, however sometimes it can sound like someone clicking heavily with their tongue, like an alien Language right out of Star Trek!

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