Healing the Divine Masculine in Us All

There is an emphasis on Codes & Energies relating to Atlantis & Lemuria Rising, the anchoring of Diamond Light Templates and connection to Star Origins. There is a wonderful opportunity for us all to enter an even Higher Spiral of Light and the Lions' StarGate Portal offers this to us.

Each Soul's journey Home is unique, but so many beautiful tools have been given to us to assist with this process. In 2018 these 13 Atlantean Codes were downloaded to me over a period of three weeks from 7:7. Connecting with the Codes and meditating on them, expressing the Key Word and Affirmation from the Heart, will ignite a new spark within.

Why Atlantis?

Many StarSeeds, GateKeepers, LightBearers, WayShowers, CodeKeepers are finding the Veil is lifting and memories of their Sacred Work in the Lost Continents are coming back. There is a Heart pull to reconnect, to re-member and to prepare for what lies ahead. Our bodies are transforming from carbon base to Christalline, our gifts to humanity are resurfacing. The time is NOW!

Much has been written and is available on the (Internet regarding Atlantis & Lemuria, and their connection to Andromeda, Arcturus, Pleiades & Lyra, and how these civilisations have influenced cultures across the globe ~ Egypt, Central & South America, Africa, Australasia. Many speak of the 9 Master Crystals of Atlantis, buried within Mother Earth which are being activated at this time. LightWorkers are feeling the call to perform Sacred Gridwork which will tie in with the activations of these Crystals and the Diamond LightCode Template. Whether you know this consciously or just "feel" your part in this magnificent ReGenesis, I trust these Codes will empower and assist you on your Path.

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