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Much has been written about the lost continents of both Lemuria and Atlantis. These theories put forth by historians, metaphysical teachers, explorers et al, all point to a vast area of land that was home to a highly evolved and spiritually advanced race. The time frame is between 12 000 and 78 000 years ago and is considered to be the first seeding of life on Planet Earth. The full extent of the land mass has been described in various ways, but most agree that it occupied a greater part of the Pacific Ocean.

Evolved beings from the 5th and higher dimensions have been present to assist Mother Gaia and all on her with their own Ascension. Many of us are coming to the unshakeable realisation that we are connected on a deep Soul level and that we have a role to perform in this process. If this speaks to your High Heart these Keys will assist you.

It is my honour and joy to bring you these gifts as part of my Sacred Work and Inter-Planetary service.. May we all, once again, anchor the True Divine Nature!

Thank you for presenting yourselves,

Much Love & Keep Shining.

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